Now, Naveeda has a team of her own, creating looks for those that require it. But what if they haven’t the time, or you wish to try it yourself? Naveeda can help you there. With courses limited only up to eight students, Naveeda ensures that each student receives equal attention to help perfect every look. After completion and passing of the course, you will receive a certificate that marks your technical ability and opens the door to the make-up industry. As a veteran of the industry, Naveeda’s name is instantly recognisable, and this qualification is a distinction that will be seen as a great competitive advantage.

Naveeda’s team are all made up of her past students. Many still work with Naveeda, perfecting their craft, whilst others have branched out on their own successfully. As her student, you will have the opportunity to become part of her team. Learn how to style hair and apply make-up, Naveeda-style. Below are the lists of different types of courses that can be chosen by you. The following first four courses below are booked according to the free time of customers and Naveeda herself, instead of a set period of time of availability, so book now!

Naveeda's Know It Yourself

Naveeda will teach you how to do your own make-up. Sounds simple? It isn’t really! Using her years of expertise and experience with many other women, Naveeda will:

· Tell you what colours will suit you in terms of make-up and dress.
· How to apply the make-up to suit your face shape.
· How to conceal blemishes or scars.
· Getting the correct shade of foundation.
· What palettes of make-up to buy in order to create the best look.
· Which hair styles will bring out the inner prominence.

This course will work out in the long-term as you won’t have to keep on hiring artists to look your best for any night!

Duration – 1 Day
Timing – 10am to 2pm

Call 07958 635 857 to book

Price: £300

Naveeda's Bridal Hair

Hair is what you want to specialize in? Then hair it is! Substituting make-up for even more hair designing, Naveeda will run through for two days, a variety of hairstyles to suit any bride.

Naveeda will help you look at:
· What styles suit what face shapes.
· The different types of pins and grips to have in your kit.
· A variety of styling sprays to have in your kit.
· Working with many types of hair pieces to create different styles.
· Going through a variety of ways to pin the dupatta, making it secure at all times.
· Duppata setting.

This course is an unforgettable experience for any stylist! No knowledge of hair styling is required beforehand, so anyone is welcome.

Duration – 2 days
Timings – 10 am to 5pm

Call 07958 635 857 to book

Price: £595

Naveeda's Pre/Post Bridal Prep

The wedding day is not the only stressful day, as well as we all know! There are the days before and after the event, with small parties or other events.

Naveeda will teach brides how to do their own make-up for these little events, take you out to go shopping to buy make-up for these events and advise you on what to get in terms of colours and clothes that will match your skin tone. Brides still want to look as good as they did on their wedding day!

This one day course would usually cost £650, but for those brides that are booked with Naveeda for their special day, we will give you is £200 off the price, bringing it to £450.

Duration – 1 Day
Timings – 10am to 5pm
1hr lunch break – my treat!

Call 07958 635 857 to book

Price: £450/£650

Naveeda's Bridal Make-up

Naveeda will run through with you what she does every week; bridal make-up. Learn how to style in this opulent manner under the expert herself. Using equipment and items provided, you will learn how to prepare the traditional bride.

Alternatively you can use this day to brush up and correct what you already have learnt, you can customise the day to suit your needs.

Naveeda will go through with you on the day:
· The correct foundations to use for photography make-up.
· The different types of concealers to even out the skin tone.
· The colour palette used to do bridal make-up.
· Jewellery setting.
· Application of false eyelashes.
· The correct tools to use to get that flawless look.

Duration – 1 day
Timing – 10am to 5pm

Due to the advanced nature of this course, you are required to know the basics of make-up application to be able to participate.

Call 07958 635 857 to book

Price: £550

Naveeda's Professional Week

You’ve mounted the ladder of the make-up industry; all there is now left to do is climb it. Naveeda’s name is recognised within the Asian make-up industry almost everywhere, so why not allow her to give you a boost.

After this course you will leave knowing everything. Every day you will be given handouts to accompany the work.

It is what it says in the title: hair styling the whole day! You will be taught between 5 to 6 most popular hair styles
Some of the topics we will cover:
· learning hair styles
· tools you need
· products and sprays needed in your kit
· creating the bouffant
· how to create different types of curls using tongs and straighteners
· how to section hair

· Bridal/reception hair
· How to work with hair pieces
· Extensions
· Wigs
· Preparation for make-up
· Hygiene rules related to make-up
· Brushes and their uses

· registry look
· highlighting and strobing
· retro make-up looks.
· shading with blusher
· practical

· smokey eyes look
· false lash extensions
· bridal make-up
· contouring and strobing
· practical

· question and answer session recap of the last four days
· business start-up and marketing
· laws and how they affect you
· what you need in your make-up kit
· test on what you have learned
· practical on hair and make-up to perfect your technique

It’s important to have a portfolio. Book Naveeda’s portfolio which includes professional model, photographer, clothes, jewellery, 3 photoshopped images and the rest on CD.

Every student will get a set of Naveeda’s brushes.

Duration – 5 days
Timings – 10am to 5pm
1hr lunch break and 2 x 10 min breaks

*£250 non-refundable deposit required. If you are unable to make the course, you may transfer to another date once only. A certificate is issued by Naveeda to confirm the completion of the course; a fantastic qualification to have if you want to excel in make-up further!

Price: £1500


20th January – 24th January 2020

2nd March – 6th March 2020

4th May – 8th May 2020

6th July – 10th July 2020

7th September – 11th September 2020

9th November – 13th November 2020

Naveeda's Intense Course

Learning and practicing the top hairstyles

Classic, glamour and catwalk

Creating and perfecting the natural look

Duration – 3 Days (excluding weekends)
Timings – 10am to 5pm
1hr lunch break and 2 x 10 min breaks

*£100 non-refundable deposit required. If you are unable to make the course, you may transfer to another date once only. Naveeda will expertly teach her whole life’s dedication and experience in just three days, making you as knowledgable about the industry as she is.

Price: £895


25th February – 27th February 2020

7th April – 9th April 2020

2nd June – 4th June 2020

6th October – 8th October 2020

15th December – 17th December 2020

Naveeda's Portfolio

For those already with basic knowledge of make-up, and have been trained at a professional level, this course is to provide you a real experience of a photo shoot. You will be provided with:
· a professional model
· studio hire
· clothes
· jewellery
· a top photographer
· all your pictures on a CD
· 4 pictures photoshopped

Naveeda will guide you on the day through each step. You have been trained like a pro, so work like a pro!

Duration – 1 Day
Timings – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Call 07958 635 857 to book

Price: £700

“Over the years I have developed a great working relationship with Naveeda, which is essential to producing great work. Which I’m proud to say is what we do everytime we work together.”

Alexandre Pichon, Photographer