It is the most important day of your life, and everyone’s eyes are going to be focusing on you. Naveeda, with over 20 years of experience in the Bridal industry, will take the weight off your shoulders as she works her magic. With a noteworthy tendency to arrive on the day on time, Naveeda will offer the most professional, friendly and complete service that will take you through all your pre, during and post wedding day beauty dilemmas.

The wedding day is not the only stressful day, as we all know! There is the engagement, registry and other events. Want to be able to prepare for those as well? View Naveeda's Pre-Bridal Prep course.

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So, you are going to a wedding that is not yours? You can still look incredible on the day, as Naveeda and her team of assistants will be available to suit your beauty needs to look first-class. If Naveeda herself is not available, then Naveeda's team of highly trained assistants will be able to bring the glamour out in you for any occasion.

For guests Naveeda usually charges from £175 for hair and make-up, with her assistants instead charging from £95. Prices vary for just hair or just make up, so please call to enquire about these prices and availability.

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Beauty treatments – Your wedding day beauty routine does not start and end with your hair and make up. Ensure that you look your best from top to toe with Naveeda’s range of extensive beauty treatments.

Pamper yourself with skin rejuvenating aromatherapy massages or a micro dermabrasion facial, right through to effective hair removal treatments.

For more information on other treatments that can be done to ameliorate your body, please visit the Salon

All brides booked get 15% any treatment at Naveeda's salon.

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Bridal trials are a way of making sure that you look as elegantly beautiful as can be, and feel comfortable with your look for your big day. Relax in a comfortable environment with Naveeda, as she guides you through your consultation, offers you advice on the various looks that will compliment your outfit and individual facial features.

Then close your eyes and bask in the contented atmosphere as she transforms you into a beautiful bride.

View trial packages
Full face trial – A full trial offers you the luxury of being able to view what you will look like on your wedding day. It includes make up on your full face, everything from base through to finishing touches such as false eyelashes and discussion how to have your hair styled, as it would be on your wedding day. A full trial, containing this much, costs only £75.

Mini trial – This includes all the benefits of the above but only covers the make up on a vertically selected half of your face. From the eyes to the lips, view the amazing difference that Naveeda can create on one side of your face compared to the other. This type of trial is priced at £45.

Hair trial – You may have the look on your face practiced and confirmed, but what about your hair? It’s still a valued feature on the day that needs to be seen to! Allowing Naveeda to familiarize herself with your hair and preference will result in a look which totally suits yourself. At £55, this trial is just as important as the next for you to look your best.

Full Hair and Make-up trial – By selecting this trial, you and Naveeda will be going through ALL aspects of the look you plan to have on your special day. Combining the benefits of a full face make-up trial and hair trial, you’ll be staring at a future self in the mirror, with the only difference being that you are not married yet! Priced at £130, this trial makes sure that all bases are covered.

Double Mini trial – Having more than one occasion usually would mean booking two trials. But let’s be a little cheeky about it and just give you the best option! Having two mini trials at the same time means that only one visit will suffice for both days. Having both looks on each side of the face will give you a greatly vivid idea of how you will look for the whole event. For £75, this convinient trial is for those who plan to use Naveeda more than once.

Bridal or non bridal hair and make-up are subject to price changes on a yearly basis.

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“Over the years I have developed a great working relationship with Naveeda, which is essential to producing great work. Which I’m proud to say is what we do everytime we work together.”

Alexandre Pichon, Photographer